English Riding Lessons

Gate Jumping Training

English riding is a stylized and beautiful discipline. There are differences in rider position and gait from western riding. English riding involves flatwork, jumping, dressage, and three day eventing. Students typically spend time on the lunge line, and may even find themselves riding bareback. This ensures proper balance and rhythm are developed by the rider.

Pattiā€™s training in english riding focuses on developing and maintaining the independent seat. This is important for clear rider / horse communication and the level of control require in most english riding events.

Lessons are normally an hour long. Patti customizes each lesson depending on the riding environment, horse, and rider goals. Common focuses for lessons include (but are not limited to) the following…

  • Rider Position Corrections
  • Transitions
  • Flat Work
    • Lunging
    • Trotting & Diagonals
    • Cantering
    • Hand Galloping
    • Leg Yielding
  • Bareback Riding
  • Jumping Preparation
  • BehaviorSpookingBarn Sour
    • Obstacle Problems
    • Personal Space Issues
    • Dominance
  • Collection / ImpulsionEnglish Riding Lessons