Rider & Horse Training

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Patti’s passion for horses has developed her style for teaching. She focuses on quiet concise communication.

All riding lessons start with a hands-on observation of the horse and rider. A discussion commences with the rider outlining the horse / rider problems. The training plan needed to improve performance is then developed and tailored to the riders realistic goals.

Implementing a solid foundation for Western or English discipline will be outlined in the lesson plan. Emphasis will be directed on creating & engaging the independent seat.

Horse & Trainer

The independent seat allows the rider and horse to communicate clearly, and ride as one. Patti truly understands how to develop this level of control, and even more importantly loves teaching it to other riders!

Training can consist of many different exercises. Sessions will involve rail work, arena drills, patterns, obstacles and groundwork / handling that showcase lateral and vertical flexion, balance, rhythm, feel, temperament , footfalls, and the students commitment to engage.

These teaching skills will create smooth transitions, a relaxed willing horse, and a confident, polished rider. Horse and rider will become a communication partnership, resulting in a quiet trust and respect between the animal and the human.

Training with Patti will give you the skills you need to understand your horse… And understanding your horse is the most important component in any riding activity.

Patti has created and managed several youth riding programs, and enjoys teaching kids. Students must be 8 years of age or older. They may ride their own personal horses or use stable schooling mounts. Patti will give lessons at private residences & stables upon request. She has worked with 4-H groups doing clinics, demonstrations, and individual lessons. She emphasizes safety, setting realistic goals, and all the while having fun!

Adult lessons are available for all skill levels, from first time riders to seasoned competitors. Lessons can cover a variety of subjects: trail riding, horse show preparation, ground manners, trailering, equipment / tack fitting, arena riding and so much more.

Patti has recently relocated to Tumwater, WA from Kauai and is available for lessons in the northwest.

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Group Riding Lessons