Horse Care Management


Patti has been caring for horses most of her life.  Her knowledge of horse care management comes from owning her own horses, working on ranches, working private and commercial stable operations, years of showing & hauling, organizing and running lesson programs, 4-H, and the basic daily care of all kinds of horses.  From the first time owner to competitive performance horses she covers the unique aspects of horse ownership. A broad outline of management subjects is listed and would be formatted to specific client concerns. Patti’s horsemanship skills help navigate these subjects to make sure both horse and owner are a confident, comfortable, healthy, happy partnership.

  • Grooming / bathing / clipping
  • Nutrition / feeding / supplements, diets
  • Water / clean & fresh
  • Stabling / boarding / home facilities
  • Pasturing / turnouts
  • Conditioning / exercise / event preparation
  • Transporting / hauling
  • Fencing
  • Manure management
  • Parasite control
  • Fly & bug control
  • Hoof care / farrier
  • Tack selection / fitting / usage
  • Suitability / purchasing
  • Suitability / selling
  • Equine behavior / temperament / herd management
  • Veterinary care
  • Soundness & lameness
  • Managing pain & swelling, injuries
  • PMCE

Patti has acquired a Portable Equine Pulse Magnetic Cellular Exercise machine, model MG X-2 from Pulse Powered Technologies. Managing the spectrum of horse health conditions can be a challenge. This machine has proven effective at managing pain and swelling in humans, and horses alike. Patti uses this technology on herself daily.

PMCE delivers ultra-fast, low to high intensity, gently pulsing magnetic fields that bathe electrically imbalanced cells in pure raw energy. PMCE restores optimal cell voltage by recharging the electrical gradient in the cell. This provides the essential energy needed to repair and rejuvenate

Demonstration of the MG X-2 is available upon request.

A very happy horse

A very happy horse