About Patti

Left Photo by Heidi Melocco

Left Photo by Heidi Melocco

Patti has been involved with horses most of her life. She’s always been a competitive person who likes to win. Her first trophy was at age 7, which sparked her desire to take competitive riding seriously. She embraced 4-H actives, gymkana / rodeo events, parades, pleasure/trail riding and competed at Western and English horse shows. Besides the standard show classes she also competed side saddle, pair classes, and in breed / costume events. She has ridden in many classic fox hunts as well.

Patti’s mom put heavy emphasis on her academics. If Patti’s GPA dropped below a 3.5 horses became a restricted activity, resulting in learned responsibility from a young age. At age 16 she began riding professionally and has won national and reserve national titles in Western classes/events.

CHA Testers have this to say about Patti

“Gives clear directions. Great inter-reactive skills. Uses enthusiasm and creativity to help students learn. Wonderful teachable spirit. Persistence and grace. Great assistance to any program.”

– Patty Bogart


Patti is a Certified Horsemanship Association master instructor


“Very high personal and professional standards. Great attitude and true passion for teaching. Very accomplished horsewoman and an always learning student of the horse.”

– Julie Goodnight

Big Group Ride

Patti pursued downhill skiing and applied her dedication and responsibility learned through horses to this sport as well. She went on to be a member of the first Sun Valley freestyle team, forging new trails for women in professional skiing. After an unfortunate injury in a training accident Patti had to hang her skis up. She moved to Maui and discovered wind surfing in warm tropical waters.

She forged another sports career in speed sailing, and held the US national and a world record for speed in 1986-1988.

While spending a few decades in the tropics Patti became involved with horses again. She worked extensively as a ranch wrangler and trail guide for private and commercial stables. Private clients included horse care management, lessons, training, horse show preparation, trail / beach riding along with round pen work. She created year-round youth riding programs for local kids and visitors alike.

She embraced new adult riders and horse owners through lessons, arena and trail riding, ground work, fun days, and horse shows. She helped to revive the Kauai Saddle Club which organized and hosted horse shows for youth, novice and open class riders.